Friday, July 22, 2011

The band prepares

While the actors read their scripts, I checked in with the band.
TOJ is a great space, but setting up the band with all---and I mean ALL---their gear and instruments is a challenge on that relatively small space.

COOL - a harp and a toy piano.

The "real" piano is quickly checked for in-tunage (OK, good to go...) while lighting designers pick their way around instruments, cases, stands, blacks, cables and The Cone of Destiny pointing upward discussing the plot and its idiosyncrasies...

"FUCK!!! I forgot my guitar stand! How fucking stupid!!!"
"This is mine but I can't find the bottom."
"I know we won't have time, but I only live 10 min away...?"

A couple of phone calls are made and panic is averted; the threat is neutralized.

Time to start learning the theme song!

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