Thursday, June 30, 2011

22 Days to Go

Artist Roster adjustments fly through the cloud.
Kegs of beer and boxes of wine are being bought.
1st weekend Bloggers and the Photographer are confirmed.

Please welcome Laurie Rose who will blog and Michelle Bates who will shoot the first weekend.  Laurie blogged BOTH weekends last January.  Anyone who matches that feat in the future will be credited with "pulling a full Rose."  It has been decided.  Michelle shot last January's 14/48 and has been associated with the festival since the OLD ConWorks days.  Recognize.

I did write 'bloggers' didn't I?  Please lovingly haze Virgin blogger Jessica Massart who comes to us from On the Boards where she is the Communications Director.  These three talented ladies will guide you though all that is the first ever all-female ensemble 14/48: The World's Quickest Ladies, July 22-23.

Single tickets are available at the fantastic Brown Paper Tickets

Want to see these women in action but not have to pay a dime?  Then email  Commit to at least 4 hours of your July 22-23 weekend to 14/48 and see a show for free.  Spots are filling fast so email us now.

Ready for the Circle of Life kicker?  My first full-time arts admin job was PR Coordinator.  I was hired by... Laurie Rose at...  On the Boards.  Whoa.

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LRose said...

Pullin' a 28/96-er is what all you steering committee folks do every year, so, "recognize" back at ya. Thanks!